BriteData Report Builder Step 2: Choose your data

On the 2: Choose your Data screen, you will select the data points you want to include in your report. The data options come from the available prepared data frames that are created every night. Hover on an information icon in the Data Choices sidebar to read a description of the data point.

Review these tips on selecting data points and rules.

Note: Report Start Date and Report End Date are reserved fields within BriteData. Do NOT rename them.

To choose your data:

  1. Drag and drop your data points from the Data Choices sidebar into the green area.
  2. To rename a data point after dropping it into the green area, select its name and type the new name where the cursor appears.

Note: Renaming a data point on this step doesn’t rename/locate the item on the data set, it only updates the name on the report column of the report. You can create a Conditional Fill data rule to control the data being returned to the report. Also, if you have both claims and policies on the report, BriteData Builder can’t determine which Item Name is accurate, and this might affect the data returned based on which data set BriteData selects to run.

  1. Order your data points by how you want them to appear in the report. The data points will appear in the Excel report as the column headings. The order the data points are listed in the green data field is the order of the columns on a spreadsheet (left to right).
  2. Select Continue to the next step to define rules for your data.