BriteData Report Builder Step 3: Define rules for your data

On the 3: Define Rules for your Data screen, you can add filters and groupings using several built-in rules that consist of functions, filters to manipulate data. The options are:

Note: Start with no filters, run the report, and then add one filter at a time to make sure that you’re filtering out only the rows that you don’t want.

To select your rules

  1. Drag and drop rules from the Rules sidebar into the blue area.
  2. Select Continue to the Next Step button:
    1. If you selected .xls or .csv as your output, you will be redirected to the Finish screen.
    2. If you selected .pdf, .html, .txt, or .xml as your output, you will be redirected to the Design your Template screen. Select Continue to the next step.

Tip: Always select This is a summary group. The report will generate a Details sheet with the raw data and a separate sheet with the summary.

If the numbers in your report are off, the Details sheet can serve as a useful troubleshooting tool to begin analyzing how to adjust your filters.

Best practice strategies to successfully manipulate your data include:

  • Create rules for calculation first before grouping by/assigning/formatting, etc. This will ensure the calculation is acknowledged on the report and will display in the correct format.
  • Start each update with a new rule and run the report/test to determine it’s the correct data. Due to not having any revision history on the report, this will help you troubleshoot issues with the report you’re creating.