BriteData Report Builder Step 4: Design the template

For more advanced developers who are familiar with Jinja2 and HTML, you can use the output data sets from BriteData to format the final output of the report in PDF. You can also use Jinja for producing text and .xml files.

BriteData also has other useful data and functions exposed to the template:

  • Data is the variable that holds all of the report data. You can use the Data Loop or For Loop to get a prebuilt loop over this information.
  • You can use the If Block to add a conditional statement to your template.
  • start_date, end_date, and run_date are all Python date objects.
  • fixed_length_string(text, length) is a function that pads text with spaces to make it length characters long. This is useful for vendor exports requiring Fixed Width Text files.

Review a use case on how to design your template for a PDF report.

To design your template:

  1. Edit the screen with your Jinja and HTML.
  2. Select Continue to the next step to finish your report.