BriteDocs folders overview

BriteDocs provides a set of default folders to help you organize your templates. With folder management in BriteDocs, you can:

  1. Add a folder.
  2. Add a template to a folder.
  3. Upload an asset to a folder.
  4. Rename a folder.
  5. Delete a folder.

Note: As a best practice, we recommend saving new templates in the appropriate folder for ease of reference.

The default folders and their descriptions include:

  • Global templates: Reusable components that comprise the modular sections of a template. Examples of reusable components are default headers, footers, and signatures.
  • Quoting: Templates you prepare for use in quote documents, such as rates and policy terms.
  • Global Assets: Images, such as company logos and signatures, that are reusable across templates.
  • Stock BriteCore: Stock deliverables from BriteCore that can be customized.
  • Lines: Templates to support particular lines of business.