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BriteDocs integration overview

BriteDocs serves as the deliverable rendering engine for the BriteCore ecosystem.


Using the BriteDocs integration, you can:

  • Use templates to control the look of your documents.
  • Create and manage the following deliverable types:
    • HTML/Jinja templates
    • Static PDF forms
    • Image assets:
      • PNG
      • JPEG


BriteDocs integration benefits:

  • Integrates seamlessly with other BriteCore modules.
  • Integrates with third-party data sources and solutions.
  • Supports HTML, PDF, and visual drag-and-drop editor interfaces.
  • Enables you to build custom documents.
  • Allows you to use reusable components for single-sourcing template changes.
  • Maps and recognizes data fields in PDFs uploaded from third-party systems.
  • Empowers insurer development teams to build templates using HTML, CSS, and Jinja2.
  • Makes editing and customizing document templates easy.
  • Automates the form update process, minimizing manual tasks.
  • Brands documents with your logo and signatures.

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?