BriteLines – Delete product versions

Release Date: July 2021

Currently, there is no way to delete an unwanted product version. We created a way for you to delete all non-initial product version drafts. 

Note: Users may create product version drafts for experimentation, which they plan to delete when they’re finished.


  • You can delete non-initial product version drafts via BriteCore’s UI.
  • You can subscribe to the delete product version event and take appropriate actions.


When you delete a non-initial product version draft, BriteLines will emit a new event:

Example payload:


  “product_name”: “generalAutoCW”,

  “version”: “665df7eb-35e0-4519-b2ce-6b9823ccaf6b”


Note: For more information, please see BriteLines events emmited for product versions.


Please direct any questions to customer service and your support teams.