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BriteLines event: bc.lines.risk_type_sequence_updated

BriteLines emits events using BriteEvents in response to changes that occurred to policies in the system.

Event name



This event emits when a risk type sequence is updated. A risk type defines what you’re insuring (for example, a type of property). A risk type models the fields, rate tables, calculations, and line items that follow a particular type of risk. Lines are parents of risk types. The Sequences product setting allows risks to be grouped for the purpose of numbering the risks.

Example payload

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  "product_name": "generalAutoCW",
  "version": "665df7eb-35e0-4519-b2ce-6b9823ccaf6b",
  "risk_type_sequence_name": "primarySequence",
  "old_risk_type_sequence_name": "mainSequence"