BriteLines – New bc.age utility parameter

Release Date: June 2021

Currently, the bc.age function uses the rating date, bc.transactionEffectiveDate, as the base date to calculate age, but now, the bc.age utility can specify a different base date when calculating age.


An optional base_date parameter is now available for the bc.age() utility, allowing users to specify the date used to calculate age.

Note: If the base_date parameter isn’t provided, BriteCore will use the rating date (bc.transactionEffectiveDate) to calculate age.

Example:  bc.age(dateOfBirth, bc.policyTermEffectiveDate) 

The bc.age() utility will always return the difference between the rating date or specified base_date and the value passed into the function, which means bc.age() could return a negative number for future dates and years. 

To prevent bc.age() from returning negative numbers, change your calculation to the following:

bc.max(bc.age(vehicleModelYear), 0)


Please direct any questions to your customer service and support teams.