BriteLines – Product Export improvements

Release Date: March 2021

The product template download process now runs asynchronously, reducing the time it takes to export a product template. Since product exports won’t time out, users can initiate an export, leave the page, and return later. The new Product Exports page displays exported products.


  • Product exports run asynchronously.
  • The Export Product button has replaced the Download Template button for initializing exports.
  • The new Product Exports page:
    • Displays all completed, in-progress, or failed product downloads.
    • Provides a download link next to all successfully completed downloads.
    • Appears in the left sidebar.
Figure 1: The new Product Exports page, which appears in the left sidebar.

Related API changes


  • GET /lines/products/{product_name}/template/
  • POST /lines/products/{product_name}/template-async/


  • GET /lines/products/{product_name}/exports/{export_id}/ (retrieves existing Product Template export)
  • POST /lines/products/{product_name}/exports/ (schedules an asynchronous product template export)
  • GET /lines/products/{product_name}/exports/ (retrieves existing product template exports for the current user)


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team.