BriteRules overview

BriteRules integrates with multiple BriteCore products to create rules that automate system decisions. All rules receive data from other BriteCore products via API calls, evaluate the data against conditions, and provide a response back to the requester.

Note: Changes to data in BriteCore can break existing rules if the rules aren’t updated accordingly.

Rule components

  • Models
  • Arguments
  • Trigger Actions
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Effective Dates

For the full list of rules inputs and definitions, you can view the BriteRules glossary.


Rules exchange collected data with other BriteCore products and use the data to return a response or decision back to the requester.

BriteRules uses data collected from:

  • Fields
  • Inputs
  • Options
  • Values

Changes impacting rules

Changes in BriteCore can impact or break an existing rule.

Important: If you have made or plan to make any changes that will impact a rule, notify the Rules team so they can determine which rules require updates. 

The following changes in BriteCore can break an existing rule:

  • Changing the name of a field or option in a line or the database.
  • Moving a field, item, or integration to a different screen.
  • Removing any piece of information used in a rule.