BriteSuite: New IVANS integration for Personal Auto

Independent agencies have their own policy administration systems called agency management systems to manage the policies they write with different carriers. Therefore, it’s often necessary for carriers to send transactions to the agency to download into their agency management system. Carriers accomplish this using a vendor such as IVANS.

IVANS is an interface for the exchange of insurance information. Using the ACORD Automation Level 3 (AL-3) standard, industry partners can electronically exchange information such as policy/submission information, claims, and accounting data. IVANS integration is now enabled for carrier agencies that want to use it.

Overnight, BriteCore completes an agency download via XML files if a qualifying transaction occurred during the previous business day. If multiple transactions on a policy occur, all transactions will be sent. Once received, IVANS compiles the data into a concise and usable format that is disseminated to agents and agencies to be used for assistance in making sound insurance decisions.

Usage consideration

Carriers will need to register with IVANS for certification to use the integration. See our IVANS setup documentation for more information.