BriteSuite permissions by product line

Release Date: April 2021

Classic BriteCore allows you to control which agencies can write each line of business (LOB) or product that is active on their site. We extended this capability to BriteLines products and classic Lines LOBs for clients using classic BriteCore, BriteSuite, or a combination of both.



All BriteLines products must be set up as a parent-child hierarchy. If the client has only a single product in one state, they will still need to have a parent product (Countrywide) with a child product for that state to configure each agency to be either open or closed to quoting.


Configuring agencies open to quoting each product remains the same. We can’t restrict or allow open-to-quoting at the parent level (typically a Countrywide product), so you can configure agency permissions only for BriteLines child products (typically state products).

To configure agency permissions by product line:

Note: You can configure agency permissions by product line only at the child level.

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Contacts.
  2. On the Contacts screen, navigate to and select the applicable agency.
  3. On the agency contact’s screen, select Configuration.
  4. On the Configuration screen, configure the agency’s permissions.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team.