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Calculations are single-line statements that return a numeric result.

Note: Calculations in BriteLines are the equivalent of evaluations in classic Lines.

In BriteLines, there are four types of calculations:

  • Variable
  • Premium
  • Limit
  • Deductible

Important information about calculations:

  • Variable calculations:
    • Perform the calculation and store it in the reference name.
    • Allow other calculations to use their results.
    • Allow you to include logic.
  • Shared calculations are variable calculations.
  • Premium, limit, and deductible calculations result in the item’s premium, limit, and deductible respectively.

When you select Calculations, you can:

  • View and edit the existing calculations.
  • Select + Add Calculation to add a new calculation.
Figure 1: Add a new calculation.

Calculations documentation