Cancellation Failure Emails

You will now be notified by email of processing errors pertaining to cancellations within nightly processing.

What’s new/changing?

  • When a cancellation fails to process overnight as expected, a cancellation failure email will be sent to the recipients listed in system alerts under processing errors.
  • There will be two types of emails with instructions on steps for resolution within each:

               1. When a cancellation revision is created but failed to commit

Subject: BriteCore: Cancellation Commit Failures

The cancellation process for policy {} failed to complete. Please commit the cancellation revision manually from the policy. If the error persists, please submit a support ticket. 

               2. When a cancellation fails to create a revision

Subject: BriteCore: Failed Cancellation Processing

The cancellation failed to process on policy {}. Please submit a support ticket with the policy number.  

How does this impact you?

  • You will now be notified of any cancellation that failed to process 
  • To verify or add the email address listed to receive these notifications either contact customer support or navigate to the system alerts page 
    • Settings >System Wide >Administrative Alerts >Processing>Processing Errors 

When will the change occur?

  • This change will be available in production by Thursday 7/21/22