Check for potential duplicate claims

Feature summary

BriteCore now provides logic to prevent duplicate claim entry in the Agent portal. Previously, duplicate claims could be created if a policyholder reported a claim through BriteApps and an agent created a claim for the same loss. With the Potential Duplicate Claim feature, when a potential duplicate claim is entered, the Potential Duplicate Claim dialog box will display this warning message:

Please check to see if the loss you’re attempting to report is a duplicate of one of these previously reported claims.


In the Agent portal, when an agent creates a new claim and enters the loss date of the claim, the system will search for and identify any claims filed on the same policy from one day before the entered loss date to one day after the entered loss date.

Figure 1: The Agent portal view of filing a claim. A policy is attached to the claim, and the loss date is being entered.

When duplicate claims are identified:

  • The Potential Duplicate Claim dialog box will open displaying all potential duplicate claims. See Figure 2.

    Note: BriteCore provides the ability to scroll through potential duplicate claims, if more than one exists.

  • The agent can view potential duplicate claims in detail by selecting the claim number. The claim will open in a new window.
  • If there is a duplicate claim, the agent can select X or Cancel FNOL in the Potential Duplicate Claim dialog box to return to the Claims screen without submitting a duplicate claim.
  • If the claim isn’t a duplicate, the agent can select Continue FNOL in the Potential Duplicate Claim dialog box to finish entering the claim information.
Figure 2: The Potential Duplicate Claim dialog box.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team.