Claim file’s Details screen overview

In some claims, the law may dictate that a barrier be created between adjusters who manage different coverages on the same claim for the same party. To address this need, depending on roles and permissions, the system is designed to allow an adjuster to manage a claim either at the claim file or at the exposure file level. For example, an exposure-level adjuster can manage an exposure file on a claim without the need to navigate to the parent claim file or access other exposures.

With this design, some information available on the claim file level is also available at the exposure file level.

The claim file’s Details screen provides a high-level view of the loss event that occurred. Details about the loss date and time, loss description, loss location, causes or perils, onsite services, and who reported the loss are all recorded and managed here.

Figure 1: The Details screen of a claim file.

Right menu navigation

You can navigate to different sections of the Details screen by selecting the section names from the menu on the right side of the screen or by scrolling. The claim file’s Details screen consists of the following sections:

  • Loss Information: This section contains information about the loss incident.
  • Loss Location: This section contains information about where the loss occurred.
  • Cause/Peril: This section contains information about the specific type of loss and the associated peril code.

    Note: Perils are configurable.

  • Onsite Services: This section includes information about any onsite services provided following the loss event.
  • Additional Claim Dates: This section contains a record of additional dates that may not be captured elsewhere in the claim. Adjusters can manually record dates in the Additional Claim Dates section. Rules can also be configured to automatically include other key dates for the claim.

    Note: Values that appear in the Events dropdown list of the Additional Claim Dates section are configurable.

Actions you can complete in the claim file’s Details screen