Claims List overview

The Claims List screen is the first screen that opens when you select Claims from the BriteCore menu. The Claims List screen is accessible in both the Provider Administrator and Agent portals.

Note: The claim file is organized into multiple screens of information so you can easily manage the file. To access additional screens of a claim file, you must access a specific claim from the claims list or create a new claim.

Figure 1: The Claims List screen.

Claims List fields

  1. New Claim – When you select the New Claim button, the New Claim dialog box opens to assist you in creating a new claim.
  2. Filter By – With the Filter By dropdown list, you can select a claim status to filter the claims list by. For example, if you select Pending, Submitted from the list, BriteCore will populate the claims list with only the claims that match the Pending, Submitted status.
  3. Search – With the Search box, you can generate search results based on specific criteria.
  4. Help – With the Help link, you can view search tips to help you efficiently search. Select the Help link and the Help pop-up window will open with a list of search help tips.
  5. Red X – With the red X, you can remove a claim from the system.

Claims List actions

Within the Claims List screen, you can add, remove, access, and search for a claim. To add a new claim, see First notice of loss – step 1. For all other actions, use the following workflows:

  • Search for a claim
  • Access a claim
  • Remove a claim