Claims overview

When a claim against a policy is entered in BriteCore, all information related to that claim is stored and managed in the Claims module.

Claim lifecycle

The Claims module enables organizations to manage the full lifecycle of P&C (Property and Casualty) insurance claims, from the first notice of loss (FNOL) to settlement.

Claims module components

There are eight screens within the Claims module. When you access Claims, the Claims List, Components, and Processing are the only menu items displayed. When you add a new claim or access a claim from the Claims List, a submenu opens displaying the following: Information, Contacts, Accounting, Attachments, and Notes.

Claims List

Within the Claims List screen, you can search for claims, filter by status, view and access claims, and add new claims.


Within the Components dropdown list, you can add, edit, or remove perils, peril groups, and catastrophes. You can also add, edit, or remove reinsurance contracts.


Within the Processing screen, you can view, process, or remove pending emails and view, process, or remove pending payments.


When you add a new claim or access a claim, the Information screen automatically opens. In the Information screen, you can add, view, and manage information related to a claim, including the loss address, the policy coverages filed against, the catastrophe related to the loss (if applicable), important dates related to the claim, reports, and photos.


In the Contacts screen, you can add contact information for anyone directly or indirectly involved with the loss. You can add claims adjusters, claimants, attorneys, contractors, police department, fire department, medical providers, etc.


In the Accounting screen, you can manage and calculate remaining reserve, add transactions, and view losses incurred, and view the recovery history.


Within the Attachments screen, you can manage files related to a claim.


Within the Notes screen, you can search and view all notes generated for a specific claim. You can also manually create new notes and alerts for a claim.