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Classic quote wizard configuration guide

                                                                                                                     Figure 1: Classic Quote screenshot

The classic quote wizard was built to support configuration, customization, responsiveness and inline validation features and includes features such as:

  • Responsive/mobile-friendly.
  • Real-time/Inline validation.
  • Works with BriteRules/enables straight-through processing (STP).
  • Customization by Line of Business (LOB).
  • Ability to use for endorsements.
  • Exposes configuration options to the interface for business user configuration.


Enable the quote wizard UI – Advanced settings

To access the classic quote wizard from the UI directly, you must adjust an advanced setting.

  1. Select Settings in the BriteCore menu.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Advanced.
  3. In the Search for a Setting box, type active-uispec, and then select Search or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
  4. In the active-uispec box, update the value in the text box by adding ::2.0 after default_britecore.

Note: The uispec name doesn’t matter in this version of classic quote.

Enable the endorsement flow – Advanced settings

For agents to create endorsements on active policies, you must enable the use of the wizard on endorsement settings.

  1. Select Settings in the BriteCore menu.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Advanced.
  3. In the Search for a Setting box, type use-wizard-on-endorsements, and then select Search or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
  4. In the use-wizard-on-endorsements box, select True.

Enable BriteQuote – Vendors

Enable BriteQuote on the Vendors screen.

  1. Selecting Settings in the BriteCore menu.
  2. Select Vendors in the Settings menu.
  3. Navigate to the Quoting section.
  4. Select BriteQuote.
  5. Select Allow Internal Quoting.
  6. Select Save.

Enable Agent Access – Permissions

The agent will need access to create/submit a quote/endorsement. To enable agent access:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select System Wide, and then select Permissions.
  3. In the Permissions Levels section, select the pencil icon next to Default Agent/Agency Permissions.
  4. In the header row of the table that displays, select + Add Rule.
  5. Navigate to the bottom of the table to the new row and select the Read/Write radio button in the Access column.
    1. Perform each of the following actions:
      1. In the Rule column, type quote in the text box.
        1. Select agent/policies/createQuote from the options that display.
        2. Repeat steps 4–5, and then select agent/policies/submitQuote from the options that display.
      2. Repeat steps 4–5, and then, in the Rule column, type endorsement in the text box.
        1. Select agent/policies/createEndorsement from the options that display.
        2. Repeat steps 4–5, and then select agent/policies/submitEndorsement from the options that display.

For more details on available permissions in BriteCore, review our permissions documentation.

Access the configuration page for the quote wizard

To access the configuration page for the quote wizard:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Modules, and then select Agent Portal.
  3. Navigate to the Quote Wizard Settings section.
  4. Select Edit Wizard Settings.
  5. The Quote Wizard Settings screen displays.

Overview of the Quote Wizard Settings screen

                                                                                                                                                              Figure 2: Quote wizard settings

The Quote Wizard Settings screen is composed of three sections:

  • Add New Quote Flow: You can configure a new quote flow for new business or endorsement flows for a specific LOB.
  • Default Flow (Endorsement): A default endorsement flow is created as part of the initial site setup. This flow applies to all LOBs.
    • Features: Settings available for customizing the default endorsement flow.
    • Placeholders: Key values that represent how the text will render in the UI. It lets you customize the UI wording as well. Placeholders don’t impact functionality.
  • Default Flow: A default quote flow is created as part of the initial setup and this flow applies to all LOBs.
    • Features: Settings available for customizing the default quote flow.
    • Placeholders: Allow you to customize some labels in the BriteCore UI. Placeholders don’t impact functionality.

Note: Don’t delete the Default Flow or Default Flow (Endorsement).

Add a new quote flow for a specific LOB

To add a new quote flow for a specific LOB:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Modules, and then select Agent Portal.
  3. Navigate to the Quote Wizard Settings section.
  4. Select Edit Wizard Settings. The Quote Wizard Settings screen displays.
  5. Under Add New Quote Flow:
    1. Select the Effective Date for the LOB.
    2. Select the State.
    3. Select the Policy Type.
    4. Select the Endorsement Flow checkbox if applicable.
    5. Select Add New Quote Flow to create your quote flow.

The new quote/endorsement flow you created will display on the screen under the Add New Quote Flow Section. Select the arrow next to it to customize the Features and Placeholders.

Customize settings for a quote/endorsement flow

Features refer to the settings available for customizing a new or default quote/endorsement flow. Table 1 summarizes the available settings.

Table 1: Available settings for quote/endorsement flow. 

Name of SettingDescriptionKeysAllowed ValuesDefault Values
all.wizard_overview.enable_all_wizard_sectionsEnables every section on the wizard navigation by defaultenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.additional_driversShows the Add Drivers link on the application pageenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.additional_interestsEnables or disables additional interests in the application pageenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.btn_email_applicationEnables a button to send email of the application before submissionenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.btn_insurance_binderDisplays an extra button in application step for loudoun custom insurance binder deliverableenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.confirm_submitControls the confirmation of application submissionenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.override_amount_due_nowOverrides amount due now in application payment summaryenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.show_edit_basic_info_linkShows a link to edit basic information below the Basic Information header. If enabled, the link will redirect a user to the Policy Setupenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.show_quote_commentsDisplays a box to add comments to a quote the comment will be tied to revision.description if enabledenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.submit.generate_policy_appControls the generation of policy application on the BriteCore administrator siteenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.form.submit_application_boundHides/displays the Submit Bound Checkbox in theapplication (final review) section as well as sets the default value to bound or unboundenabled and default text boxtrue/false and string, bound or bound true/bound
application.form.view_attachments_after_submissionAdds the functionality to view attachments after application submissionenabled and a toShow text box (Separate items by ",")true/false and a list of strings for the text boxfalse/[]
application.payment_summary.billing_detailsDisplays the Billing details in the Application Payment Summary sectionenabledtrue/falsetrue
application.payment_summary.display_submit_stringDisplays the submit string in the application payment summaryenabledtrue/falsetrue
application.vendor.check_all_insureds_credit_scoreEnables the credit report checks for all insureds. If disabled only the first insured will be checked.enabledtrue/falsefalse
application.vendor.credit_scoringEnables the validation check for credit scoringenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.vendor.loss_historyControls the validation check for loss historyenabledtrue/falsefalse
application.vendor.motor_vehicle_reportControls the validation check for Motor Vehicle Recordsenabledtrue/falsefalse




Controls the display of Annual Total amount on the overview sidebar of the respective pages.enabledtrue/falsefalse
application.wizard_overview.premium_breakdownEnables or disables the premium breakdown section in application (final review) sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
application_questions.layout.hide_binding_questions_subtitleHides Binding Questions subtitle on Questions sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
application_questions.layout.single_columnEnable/disable single column application questions layout.
toggle. If enabled allow to switch between the single column and multi -column layout by selecting the toggle button
enabled/enabledtrue/false true/falsefalse/false
When updating application questions, this setting updates the review workflow so that the state on the revision is back to NOT_STARTED.
If enabled it will update the revision state back to NOT_STARTED
application_questions.skip_hidden_questionsWhen enabled this setting skips posting hidden questions in the application questionsenabledtrue/falsetrue
application_questions.wizard.mortgagees_btn_on_questionsDisplays the mortgagees button on the questions section instead of the property details sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
application_questions.wizard.recurrent_loss_btn_on_questionsDisplays the recurrent loss button on the questions section instead of the property details sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
application_questions.wizard_overview.premium_breakdownEnables or disables the premium breakdown section in application_questions section.enabledtrue/falsefalse
endorsement.all.wizard_overview.cancel_endorsementApplies to endorsements only and intended to be used when the agent wants to cancel the current endorsement.enabledtrue/falsefalse
endorsement.all.wizard_overview.view_prior_revisionsApplies to endorsements only and intended to be used when the agent wants to go back to all previous revisions legacy screen to view old revisions if neededenabledtrue/falsefalse
insured_disclosure.modal.loss_causeControls the input field to collect loss cause information that shows upenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.ach_withdraw_dateControls the presentation of the "Withdraw Date" from ACH optionenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.alert_billing_amount_dueControls the visibility of billing amount due alert note in the billing screenenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.checkbox_first_bill_paidControls the presentation of the checkbox which controls whether the first bill is paid separately which controls whether the first bill is paid separately in the policy billing.enabledtrue/falsetrue
policy_billing.form.hide_manual_pay_when_recurring_is_differentHides manual payment method option once the initial amount is paid separatelyenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.manual_payControls the presentation of the Manual Pay billing optionenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.override_minimum_dueOverrides initial billing schedule minimum dueenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.payment_schedule_selectionControls the presentation of the Payment Schedule select fieldenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.send_bill_toControls the presentation of the send Bill To sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.send_bill_to.display_headercontrols the presentation of the Send Bill To header in the send Bill To sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_billing.form.withdraw_template.bank_accountDisables changing EFT due date for back-accounteditabletrue/falsetrue
policy_billing.form.withdraw_template.credit_cardDisables changing EFT due date for credit-cardeditabletrue/falsetrue
policy_billing.wizard_overview.premium_breakdownEnables or disables the premium breakdown section in the policy_billing section.enabledtrue/falsetrue
policy_contacts.form.address_type_labelDetermines if the address type label needs to be shown in contact cardenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.form.add_additional_driversAllows additional drivers to be added in the contacts pageenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.form.agency_contactControls the visibility of agency contact dropdown in the policy contact screenenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.form.named_insured_show_add_another_addressDisplays Add Another Address ink in the contact-input component for a Named Insured.enabledtrue/falsetrue
policy_contacts.form.unique_address_typeDetermines if there should only be one address per address type. If enabled, there can only be one address per address type.enabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.insured.addressControls the copy and preload of the risk address to the Policy Contact section, to be used only if the risks page comes before the contactspreload textboxnull/ ”first-risk”null
policy_contacts.insured.copy_risk_addressControls the copying of risk address to the Policy Contact Sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.insured.default_role_is_named_insuredWhen enabled, the default role for all additional insureds is Named Insured. If not, additional insureds will receive the Additiona Insured roleenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.insured.edit_primary_address_copyDisplays contact address fields when adding or editingenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.insureds.delete_confirmationDisplays a popup to confirm deletion of a named insuredenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_contacts.wizard_overview.premium_breakdownEnables or disables the premium breakdown section in policy_contacts sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_setup.form.inception_dateControls whether it is possible to change the value of saved inception date in the wizard setup screeneditabletrue/falsefalse
policy_setup.form.policy_type_dropdownAllows the visibility of Policy Type selection drop down in the wizard setup screen.enabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_setup.form.policy_type_options_displayControls if UI tabs or a dropdown are used to select policy type options in the wizard setup screen modemode textbox"tabs" or "dropdown"tabs
policy_setup.form.policy_type_questionsAllows the visibility of Policy Type underwriting questions in the wizard setup screenenabledtrue/falsefalse
policy_setup.form.underwriting_questionsControls whether it is possible to change the value of saved underwriting questionsforce_update/

true/false true/false true/false true/falsefalse/true/true/false
policy_wizard.main.validate_effective_datesChecks if the effective date is between the min and max allowed dates. Optionally, it could receive a transition_to param to be used to the desired step. If enabled, when the quote is reopened and the effective_date is in the past or future it will go back to the policy_setup step.
enabled and transition_to paramtrue/false and policy wizard stepstrue/"policy_step"
policy_wizard.navigator.update_furthest_step_to_last_visited Updates the furthest step to be the one your actively on. If enabled, then once you go back 2 steps behind. You should run through each
step again by order.
quick_quote.form.validate_sectionsUsed exclusively for quick quote section, that explicitly calls a method defined in quick quote namespace to validate underwriting questionsenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.buttons.btn_continueControls the behaviour of policy change from quote into appliction.nIt can behave as turn-into-application or straight modesmode textbox"straight"/"turn-into-application"straight
risks.buttons.download_rating_information_documentControls whether the (Quote Summary and Preview Declaration) document should be downloaded or opened in a new tab. Set enabled to true to download the document, or to false to open in a new tabenabledtrue/falsetrue
risks.buttons.rating_information_documentControls whether the rating information document should be downloaded or opened in a new textbox"quote-summary"/"declaration"quote-summary
risks.debugControls visibility of debug controls in the risks sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.form.location_information_btnAlters how the location information link looks like. If enabled, they'll be buttons holding classes `btn btn-sm btn-primary` otherwise, it will stay as a link.enabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.form.location_nameControls whether the risk location names are editable or not.editabletrue/falsefalse
risks.form.po_box Controls the visibility of "PO box" in the label for address line 1 in Property Detailsenabledtrue/falsetrue
risks.form.property_rating_btnChanges the "complete property rating items"/"Change Rating" link to "Property Rating" button in the Risks page. editabletrue/falsefalse
risks.form.street_address_column_btnAlters how the street address column links look like. If enabled, they will be buttons, otherwise they will be links
risks.panel.policy_total_premiumControls the display of "Policy Total Premium" from risks section.enabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.panel.premium_columnControls the visibility of the premium column from locations grid on the Risks page.enabledtrue/falsetrue
risks.panel.quote_summary_documentControls the quote summary document to be generated and savedenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.panel.rating_summaryControls the visibility of rating information in the risk sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.panel.risk_addressControls the behaviour of skipping modal while adding risk address in risks sectionmode textbox"modal"/"standard"modal
risks.panel.risk_premium Controls the label Premium Pending that shows up in the panel when adding a Risk Location, as well as the presentation of per-risk premium in the risks sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks.property_details.upload_photos_btnControls if the button Upload Photos should appear on "risks > property details" page.enabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.buttons.btn_save_informationControls the behaviour of Save Information button in risk builder section for multi-risk policyenabled and mode textboxtrue/false and "save-only"/"save-and-continue"true/save-only
risks_builder.form.btn_policy_add_itemsAllows a button Add coverage or items to appear right next the title Policy-Wide Coveragesenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.form.btn_policy_items_saveControls the behaviour of Rating button in Policy-Wide items section for multi-risk policymode textbox"save-only' / "save-and-rate"save-only
risks_builder.form.btn_risk_items_saveControls the behaviour of Rating button in Property item section for multi-risk policymode textbox"save-only' / "save-and-rate"save-only
risks_builder.form.hide_input_group_namesHides group names outside inputenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.lines.premiumControls the labels of lines to collect premium amount information that shows up during risk builder phaseenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.panel.popup_text_capSets the no of letters which can be inside a popoverlength textboxnumbers1500
risks_builder.sections.policy_wideControls the policy-wide coverages section on the rating builderenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.sections.total_premiumControls the section to collect total premium amount information that shows up during risk builder phaseenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.subline.btn_addControls the presentation of the button to add a new subline instance in the risk builderenabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.subline.btn_cloneControls the presentation of the button "Duplicate this sub line" in the risk builderenabledtrue/falsetrue
risks_builder.subline.btn_remove_allControls the presentation of the button to remove all subline instance in the risk builderenabledtrue/falsetrue
risks_builder.sublines.premiumControls the labels of sublines to display premium amount information in risk builder phase.
risk_builder.buttons.discard_quoteControls the presentation of the "Discard Quote" button in risk builder sectionenabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_builder.buttons.view_quote_summaryControls visibility of View Quote Summary button(link) on rating information section in risk builder, It opens PDF Modal with Quote Summary and options to Share (send email via Email Modal) or Downloadenabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_builder.coverages.autoopen_schedule_popupAuto open sthe Add Schedule Modal inside of Scheduled Coverage Itemsenabledtrue/falsefalse
risk_builder.coverages.loss_payee_itemsDisplays the loss payee items on the rating builder. If enabled, loss payee items can be added from the rating builder.enabledtrue/falsefalse
risk_builder.form.lines.display-zero-premiumsControls the visibility of $0 for any line item in the rating pageenabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_builder.form.policy_term_type_changeEnables the term type dropbox in the rating section providing the ability to change the policy term type in that sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
When the active policy supports save-only and multi-risks Rating workflow. Always reset the current rate builder to enable the property builder and disable policy builderenabledtrue/falsefalse
risk_builder.form.sublines.display-zero-premiumsControls the visibility of $0 for any sub line item in the rating pagenabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_builder.scheduled_items_modal.btn_save_and_add_newEnables Save and Add New buttons in Scheduled Items modal only. If enabled, the Save and Add New button will be visible and functional.enabledtrue/falsefalse
risk_builder.subline.delete_confirmationDisplays a popup to confirm deletion of a sublineenabledtrue/falsefalse
risk_details.form.btn_mortgageeControls the display of mortgagee button in the risk details sectionenabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_details.form.loss_historyControls the visibility of loss history from the risk details form in the wizardenabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_details.form.vue_slotAdds a vue-slot for ui plugins to the property details pageenabledtrue/falsefalse
risk_setup.form.policy_wideWhen the active policy type supports multiple-risks, a special widget allows the user to access risk details and rating, with a separate button that leads into a page to configure policy-wide converages and items. This setting controls anything that relates to policy-wide rating from the perspective of the risk_setup section.enabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_setup.mortgagee.mortgageeTypeMakes mortgageeType field mandatory or optional when a Mortgagee is added in risk during the quote. Sets field to required, false makes it optional.
setup_contacts.form.birthdateControls the display of birthdate input in the `contact-input` componentenabledtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.btn_remove_first_insured_phoneControls whether the insured phone number Remove button displays or not when phone number is set to Required and there is only one phone number on the contact. By not displaying the Remove button the required phone number field won't be deleted.enabledtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.countryControls the display of country input in `address-input` componentenabledtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.date_business_startedControls the display of Business Started Date input in `contact-input` componentenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.dbaControls the dipslay of dba input in`contact-input` componentenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.dob_named_insured_onlyControls the Birthdate field for the Mortgagee to appear as "required" or optionalenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.edit_by_owner_onlyRestricts editing contacts to the user who added it onlyenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.feinTaxControls the display of feinTax input in `contact-input` componentenabledtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.feinTax_named_insured_onlyControls the Federal EIN/Tax ID field for the Mortgagee to appear as "required" or optionalenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.hide_organization_credit_scoreControls the UI display of credit score to an organization type contactenabledtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.insured_emailControls the email input field for the insured to display as collapsed/uncollapsedcollapsedtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.insured_phoneControls the phone number input field for the insured to display as collapsed/uncollapsedcollapsedtrue/falsetrue
setup_contacts.form.legal_entity_typeControls the display of legalEntityType input in `contact-input` component Assuming that you have already set up the legal entity type options from the Advanced settings
setup_contacts.form.mortgagee.hide_address_typeControls visibility of the Address Type (subtitle and drop down) on the Mortgagees Contact input form.If enabled, the Address Type on the Contact form when adding a Mortgagee would be hiddenenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.mortgagee_hide_dobControls the visibility of Date Of Birth Input on the Mortgagees Contact Input Form. If enabled, the Date of Birth field on the Contact Form when adding a Mortgagee would be hiddenenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.mortgagee_hide_feinControls the visibility of the FEIN field on the Mortgagees Contact input form. If enabled, the FEIN field on the Contact form when adding a Mortgagee would be hiddenenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.mortgagee_hide_ssn Controls the visibility of the Social Security Number (SSN) field on the Mortgagees Contact Input Form
If enabled, the SSN field on the Contact form when adding a Mortgagee would be hidden

setup_contacts.form.phone_named_insured_onlyControls the Phone Number field for the Mortgagee to appear as "required" or optionalenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.risk_id_numberControls the display of the SSN input in `contact-input` componentenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.ssn_named_insured_only Controls the SSN field for the Mortgagee to appear as "required" or optionalenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.websiteControls the website input field for the insured to be displayed or not. When "" is not defined then it will use the setting in the Contacts section of the Settings module. If the BriteCore admin side and the quoting wizard need to display the website field differently then explicitly define as seen here in a custom UI spec and feature.js file for the client.enabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_contacts.form.year_business_startedControls the display of Business Started Year input in `contact-input` componentenabledtrue/falsefalse
setup_policy.form.effective_dateControls if rating page will be invalidated when the Effective Date changesinvalidate_ratingtrue/falsefalse
setup_policy.form.policy_numberControls the input field to collect policy number during setup phaseallow_custom/visibletrue/false true/falsefalse/false
Controls visibility of policy type icon during policy setupenabledtrue/falsetrue
setup_policy.form.property_zipControls the input field to collect and validate the property zip during setup phaseenabledtrue/falsefalse
upsell_matrix.wizard_overview.premium_breakdownEnables or disables the premium breakdown section in upsell_matrix sectionenabledtrue/falsefalse
url.nav.rating_always_open_property_builderTargets the nav breadcrumb Rating, regardless of saving the rate in current step (Policy|Property), whenever Rating link is selected always directs to Property Builderenabledtrue/falsefalse
When the active policy supports multi-risks. This setting resets the current property to always be the first one through the policy life cycle, unless explicitly being sent to the desired risk. enabledtrue/falsefalse
risks_builder.form.supplemental_questionsControls if supplemental questions should be presented in the builder. Presentation of questions may be subject to other factors, even when "enabled" is True.enabled/requiredtrue/false true/falsefalse/false
policy_contacts.form.show_legal_entity_individualDetermines if the Legal Entity Type dropdown should be visible when the contact type is Contact is an individualenabledtrue/falsetrue
application.billing_display.display_scheduleDisplays the billing schedule in the application page within the billing information sectionenabledtrue/falsetrue
risks.panel.btn_policy_wide_builderWhen the active policy type supports multiple-risks, a special widget allows the user to access risk details and rating. This setting controls a button for copying data through properties. It makes sense only when risk_setup.form.policy_wide is "enabled".allow_empty_property/ enabledtrue/false true/falsetrue/false
risks_builder.wizard_overview.property_coverage_and_itemsControls the display of Property Coverages & Items from risk builder section.enabledtrue/falsetrue
risk_details.form.mortgagees.loss_payee_itemsDisplays the loss payee coverage items in the mortgagee popup within the risk detail. If enabled, an anchor link on the application page will show to link back to add additional driverenabledtrue/falsetrue
policy_setup.effective_date.assign_policy_type_name_from_previous_oneResponsible for assigning the previously selected policy type when the effective `id` changes. It will try to assign the policy type to the previous one by identical names. accessor: The key that withholds the value of the policy type name before changing to new effective date.If enabled it will look into the given accessor key starting from root.enabled, observable, accessor textboxtrue/false, true false, policy type namefalse, false,
application.form.reset_premiums_on_suspension_reasonSupports resetting risk and policy premiums if the application submission is restricted due to "suspension" or "limit"mode textbox"none"/"suspension"/"limit"none
setup_policy.form.insured_nameControls the input field to collect the insured name during setup phaseenabled,autoupdate,editable,requiredtrue/false, true/false, true/false, true/falefalse/false/false/false

Customize text display on the UI

Placeholders represent how text will display on the quoting flow. It doesn’t impact functionality in any way. Table 2 summarizes the available placeholder text and default values.

Table 2: Available placeholder text and default values. 

Placeholder keyDefault text
britequote.policy_wizard.application.submit_confirmation_messagePlease confirm the Effective Date: {0}, of the policy you are submitting to Bind.
britequote.policy_wizard.application_questions.section_titleApplication Questions
britequote.policy_wizard.common.btn_add_loss_history_insured_disclosureAdd Insured Disclosure
britequote.policy_wizard.common.btn_into_applicationTurn Quote into Application
britequote.policy_wizard.common.btn_upload_photoUpload Photos
britequote.policy_wizard.common.title_credit_scoreCredit Score
britequote.policy_wizard.common.title_loss_history_insured_disclosureInsured Disclosure
britequote.policy_wizard.common.title_table_loss_history_insured_disclosureInsured Disclosures
britequote.policy_wizard.policy_types.section_titlePlease select the type of policy you want to quote
britequote.policy_wizard.policy_types.wizard_titlePolicy Type
britequote.policy_wizard.review_status.stp_diagnosis.banner_bodyA few issues need to be reviewed by an underwriter before the quote can be bound.
britequote.policy_wizard.review_status.stp_diagnosis.banner_titleUnderwriter Review Required
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.btn_add_ratingRate Location
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.btn_calculate_premiumCalculate Premium
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.btn_change_ratingChange Rating
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.btn_complete_policy_itemsComplete Policy Coverages & Items
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.btn_location_informationAdd Location Information
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.copy_location_dataCopy Information Across Locations
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.mortagee_loss_payee_type_headingMortgagee Type
britequote.policy_wizard.risks.text_max_risk_countUp to {0} locations allowed
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_application.btn_print_policy_applicationPrint Policy Application
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_application.btn_submitSubmit Policy Application
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_application.file_upload_subtitleto upload your files to BriteCore
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_application.file_upload_titleDrag & Drop a File, or Click Here
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_application.section_titleComplete Application
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_application.wizard_titleApplication Questions
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_billing.section_titleAdd Payment Information
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_contacts.btn_credit_scoreGet Credit Score
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_contacts.modal_label_credit_scoreRetrieving Credit Score
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_contacts.risk_id_number_tooltipThe Risk Id Number is a nine digit numeric code, assigned by NCCI or the Bureau to uniquely identify insureds that are subject to experience rating.
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_contacts.section_titlePolicy Contacts
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_contacts.text_primary_insuredPrimary Insured
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_policy.message_disallow_applicationThe answer selected for this question has disqualified this application.
Please discontinue and contact underwriting with questions.
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_policy.message_explain_questionPlease Explain
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_policy.section_titlePolicy Setup
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_builder.annual_total_titleAnnual Total
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_builder.btn_delete_sublineDelete Subline
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_builder.btn_subline_addAdd another copy of this subline
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_builder.btn_subline_cloneDuplicate this sub line
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.btn_continueSave Property Details
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.mortgagees_btn_addAdd a Mortgagee
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.mortgagees_card_subtitleMortgagee Details
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.mortgagees_modal_btn_addAdd Mortgagee
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.mortgagees_modal_btn_saveSave Mortgagee
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.mortgagees_modal_loan_number_labelLoan Number
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.mortgagees_modal_statement_labelMortgagee Statement
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_info.section_titleProperty Details
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_rating.btn_calculateCalculate Rate
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_rating.btn_saveSave Information
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_rating.btn_save_rating_infoSave Information
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_rating.item_error_messageThe selected answer makes the application ineligible.
britequote.policy_wizard.setup_risk_rating.section_titleRate this Property
britequote.policy_wizard.submit_policy.section_titleReview & Submit Application
britequote.policy_wizard.summary_billing.section_titleReviewing Policy Billing
britequote.policy_wizard.summary_contacts.section_titleReviewing Policy Contacts
britequote.policy_wizard.summary_risks.section_titleReviewing Policy Risks
britequote.policy_wizard.summary_setup.section_titleReviewing Policy Setup