Classic Quotes overview

The Quote wizard provides a dynamic interface for agents and internal staff to generate policy estimates based on risk locations, rating details, product lines, and individual carrier risk tolerances. Carriers can configure each screen, from collecting contact details, answering initial questions, and completing rating information, to submitting an application, evaluating underwriting metrics, and completing final processing. The Quote wizard can be accessed from the Agent portal and the Provider Administrator portal.

Note: When accessed from the Provider Administrator portal, the Quote wizard experiences limitations. For example, you currently can’t quote multi-location policy types when you access the Quote wizard from the Provider Administrator portal. You can quote multi-location policy types when you access the Quote wizard from the Agent portal.

Policy setup

To start a quote, users must provide the policy effective date, state, and policy type.

Note: If the carrier writes business in one state, agents and internal staff might not be prompted to select the state.

Carriers can add disqualifying or knockout questions by policy type to determine if an application qualifies prior to permitting agents to continue the quoting process.

Add contact details

As users enter the applicant’s details, their contact information is stored in BriteCore’s Contacts module. Users can enter information about individual or organization insureds as well as relevant additional interested parties and financial institutions.

Add risk properties

Users can enter the physical location of the risk, and can quickly import address information from the insured’s contact details. Address verification features confirm county and state locations by ZIP code. Through several pre-built integrations, protection class details, loss history details, and Google Maps data can be included in the quote. Users also can enter mortgagee information related to the risk location(s).

  • Accessing the Quote wizard from the Agent portal allows agents to quote multi-location policies, and so agents can add multiple property locations in the Risk screen.
  • Accessing the Quote wizard from the Provider Administrator portal currently prevents internal staff from quoting multi-location policies.

Note: Depending on the configuration of settings, when an agent quotes a multi-location risk, a widget allows the agent to access the details and rating for each location by using a separate button that directs the agent to a Rating screen. The agent can configure policy-wide coverages and items in this Rating screen.


The + Add HazardHub Data button can be found on the Risks screen of the Quote flow for clients who select the HazardHub checkbox in Settings > Vendors > Risk Assessment.

Select rating options

The Rating screen is fully configurable and integrates with BriteCore’s Lines module to provide key coverage and limit options related to policy type, as well as additional coverages or items. A carrier’s product lines govern what policy-wide options and individual coverage options can be included in the policy quote. The options you select will determine the calculated premium total. If you modify a quote, you may recalculate the premium amount.

Complete underwriting questions


Quotes can include binding questions to facilitate the underwriting process and generate the quote. Their answers help determine how the application aligns with the carrier’s rules and risk acceptance; they may or may not be required.


The Underwriting screen of the quote interface will appear when dictated by the carrier’s business rules. You can determine the next steps according to the carrier’s limits. If straight-through processing is enabled, you may skip this tab and continue to the billing and application steps. If enabled, you can request an underwriter review or make changes to the quote details from this screen.


When a quote progresses to an application, users can enter payment information, including the responsible party, contact information, and payment schedule/methods. If enabled, users can add mortgagee information on the Billing screen.

Review and finalize


The Application screen of the Quote wizard will appear for agents, providing a summary of all the information entered. Agents can edit these details, add additional attachments, or print/email the application.


The Submit screen of the Quote wizard will appear for internal staff. Similar to the Application screen, users have the ability to review all information entered for the quote. Internal staff can review information, edit information, and submit the quote.

Quote wizard sidebar

The Quote wizard sidebar appears on the right side of the screen in each screen of the Quote wizard with the exception of the Policy Setup screen and the Application/Submit screen. The Quote wizard sidebar provides an overview of the policy you are quoting. Depending on the screen you are in, the Quote wizard sidebar will show any combination of the following information:

  • Policy type
  • State where the business is written
  • Policy number
  • Policy term length
  • Policy effective date
  • Policy contacts
  • Risk location
  • Policy coverages and items
  • Property coverages and items
  • Annual Total rating

Links also appear in the Quote wizard sidebar. The Overview link will direct users to the Quote wizard’s Policy Setup screen. The Contacts link will direct users to the Contacts screen. The View Prior Revisions link will direct users to the legacy Policy Setup tab in the existing policy.  The Cancel Endorsement link will generate a dialog box that prompts users to determine whether or not the endorsement will be canceled. The View Prior Revisions and the Cancel Endorsement links are only used when quoting an endorsement.


The Quote wizard is configurable and customizable. Quote wizard screen names may vary and different features then as described above. This overview refers to the default views of the Quote wizard in the Agent portal and the Quote wizard in the Provider Administrator portal.