Clear All Filters



The Clear all filters button allows users to clear current search filters so they can expand their search.


The Clear all filters button appears on the Policies search screen.

Field default

When you select checkbox values under Policy Status, Revision States, Policy Types, and Review States, the search results are filtered by the selected values, and the filters remain active until cleared.

Figure 1: Active filters.

Change the default

When you select the Clear all filters button, BriteCore automatically clears all selected filters.

Figure 2: Cleared filters after selecting the Clear all filters button.

Selecting the Clear all filters button won’t clear text entered in the Search for a Policy field.

Usage considerations

The Clear all filters button can’t be customized, and the field behaves the same in both the Provider Administrator and Agent portals. The advanced setting enable-new-policy-search must be set to True for the Clear All Filters button to appear.

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