Clear check for a transaction

You can manually clear checks in the Transactions table of the Accounting screen of a claim file or exposure file. Your role determines if you can clear checks. For example, the out of the box configuration Claims Finance role can clear checks. You can clear checks on transactions when the transaction Type is Payment and the Status is Posted.

To manually clear a check for a transaction, access the Accounting screen of the claim or exposure file, and:

  1. In the Transactions table, navigate to a transaction with a transaction Type of Payment and a Status of Posted. You can also use filters to filter the Transactions table. For example, you can filter the Transactions table by Transaction Type: Payment, Payment Method: Check, and Check Cleared Status: Not Cleared. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Filters for the Transactions table.
  2. Navigate to the Actions column of the transaction and select the ellipsis. A dropdown will open.
  3. Select Clear Check. The Manually Clear Check dialog box will open.
  4. In the Check Number box, type the check number of the check you want to clear.
  5. In the Check Date box, use the date picker to select the date that appears on the check you want to clear.
  6. In the Cleared Date box, use the date picker to select the clear date for the check.
  7. When you’re finished, select Save to manually clear the check. Select Cancel to return to the Accounting screen without clearing the check.

Usage consideration

Manual check clearing is only necessary when the claim system is not connected to a check issuance system.

After you manually clear a check, the information you entered in the Manually Clear Check dialog box will populate the following columns in the Transactions table: Check Number, Check Date, and Clear Date.