Commit revisions

To endorse or make changes to a policy, you must create a revision. Once you’ve made the desired changes to the policy, you must commit the revision for the changes to take effect.

To commit a revision:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Policies.
  2. On the Policies List screen, select a policy number to open a policy.
  3. Select Commit Revision to open the Commit Revision dialog.
  4. Verify the changes to the policy, premium, and fees displayed in the dialog are correct.
  5. Select OK. A Confirm dialog box will appear asking you to confirm you want to permanently commit the revision.
  6. Select Yes.

Note: If you commit a revision on a Submitted application or endorsement, the policy status will automatically update to Active.

The policy will now display the most recent committed revision. You can navigate between revisions to view prior revisions of the policy. You can also view the revision history.