Configuration overview

What’s configuration?

Configuration includes enabling parameters, settings, and defining products using BriteCore’s current functionality.

What’s included in configuration work?

  • General site setup
  • User management
  • Agent Portal setup
  • Policy management
  • Claims management
  • Billing and payments management
  • Documents and custom deliverables setup
  • Integrations setup
  • Lines configuration

What’s configurable in BriteCore?

Table 1: Configure BriteCore.

Additional BriteCore services

Some system functionality and data conversions can’t be performed on the platform by SI partners due to access restrictions or for other reasons. In these instances, we recommend engaging BriteCore Services to perform this work. The Services team can provide these with a separate SOW with either the SI or directly with the client.

BriteCore will eventually allow SI partners to perform this work once adequate controls and/or system functionality are added.

Some of these services include:

  • Programmatically transfer existing policy data.
  • Configuring authentication/BriteAuth for the users.
  • Configure straight-through processing (STP) rules.