Contacts overview

The Contacts module is the database for contact information entered into BriteCore. An individual or organization connected to BriteCore or a BriteCore client can be added as a contact. When an existing contact is added to a policy, claim, organization, or individual, BriteCore will pull the existing contact information from the Contacts module and populate the appropriate fields, for convenience.

The Contacts module and associated support tools and settings provide a robust contact management system. The Contacts module is accessible to administrators, employees, carriers, and underwriters.

Note:  In BriteCore, contacts and users  aren’t the same thing. Contacts are entities (people, organizations, family members, etc.) associated with quotes, polices, claims, etc. The Contacts module is where contacts are managed. A user is an individual who has a unique login to access and use BriteCore. Users are what BriteAuth manages. If you log into and use BriteCore, you are a user.

Add contacts

BriteQuote, Policies, and Claims provide tools to add a new contact and gather contact information while creating a quote, policy, or claim. When a new contact is added while creating a quote, policy, or claim, BriteCore automatically saves the contact in the Contacts module. New contacts can also be added within the Contacts module.

Contacts module components

There are seven tabs in the Contacts module. When you first open the Contacts module, the Contacts List is the only tab displayed. When you select a contact from the list or select to add a new contact to BriteCore, the Information tab opens, and BriteCore displays the Payments, Security, Notes, and Attachments tabs. When you add the agency role to a contact, BriteCore also displays the Configuration tab.

Contacts List

Within the Contacts List tab, you can search for contacts or filter the contact list by a specific role. You can add new contacts by selecting the New Individual button or the New Organization button. You can view existing contacts by selecting a contact from the contact list. You can also remove contacts from the contact list.


When you select a contact from the contact list or select the New Individual or New Organization button, the Information tab opens. Within the Information tab, you can manage contact information, document important dates, and assign a role to the contact.


The Configuration tab is only available for the agency role. Within the Configuration tab, you can manage business information about an agency, such as the lines of business written by the agency and the states in which the agency writes business.


Within the Payments tab, you can manage payment methods and view upcoming scheduled payments for a contact.


Within the Security tab, you can manage account security by enabling multi-factor authentication and strengthening passwords.


Within the Notes tab, you can search and view all notes generated for a specific contact. You can also manually create new notes and alerts for a contact.


Within the Attachments tab, you can manage a contact’s files.