Convert policies at renewal

With special permissions, clients can manually convert policies from a legacy system to BriteCore when a policy is due for renewal. Only users with the Administrator role can manually convert policies at renewal. Administrators can: 

  • Mark a renewal quote as a conversion policy.
  • Initiate a renewal conversion quote.
  • Bind a renewal quote as a renewal transaction policy without creating a new business policy.


Before you can manually convert policies from a legacy system to BriteCore, the quote flow and LOBs need to be configured to allow conversion policies.

Manually convert a policy

To manually convert a policy, you must:

  1. Create a Conversion Quote in django-admin.
  2. Complete the quote flow and bind the quote.

To create a conversion quote in django-admin, a user with the Administrator role will need to:

  1. Log in to your environment. In the URL after <Client Name> type /quote/django-admin/.
  2. Navigate to Conversion Quote.
  3. Select Create Conversion Quote.
  4. In the Product Name box, type the reference name for the product. For example, if the product name is Personal Auto and the reference name for the product is personalAuto, you would type personalAuto
  5. Select Create Conversion Quote.
  6. You will be directed to the Policy Setup screen of the Renewal quote flow.

To complete and bind the quote flow:

  1. On the Policy Setup screen, in the Agency box, type the name of the agency associated with the policy.
  2. From the Agent dropdown list, select the agent associated with this policy and agency.
  3. For the question, Is this a converted policy? select Yes.

    Note: This question won’t appear in the quote flow when you create an endorsement. It will appear in the quote flow only when creating a new quote or policy.

  4. When you select Yes, the Conversion Policy Number box will appear above the question, Is this a converted policy?. In the Conversion Policy Number box, type the existing policy number of the policy being converted. 
  5. Complete the rest of the quote flow with the information from the policy you’re converting. See Quote flow overview and Submit quote.

Usage considerations

After you manually initiate a policy conversion and complete and bind the converted policy, you can manually add or change billing information and historical information. Review the Billing Setup tab of the Accounts Receivable screen to ensure the billing information is correct for the policy.

Note: The billing schedule will default to Annual and the Bill Whom will default to the named insured. 

If you need to add additional information or update information, see the topics below: