Copy Lines data

In the Lines module, you can copy line items and sublines within or among policy types of the same effective date.

Note: Users can’t copy data across effective dates. Contact your BriteCore Content Analyst for assistance.

To copy Lines data between policy types:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. On the Lines – Effective Dates screen, select the applicable Effective Date.
  3. On the Effective Date – Policy Types screen, select Utilities > Copy Data.
  4. On the Copy Data screen, in the Select State or Province dropdown, select the applicable state or province.
  5. In the Locations section, complete the following steps:
    1. In the From Policy Type dropdown, select the applicable Policy Type.
    2. In the To Policy Type dropdown, select the applicable Policy Type.
  6. In the Data section, in the Copy What dropdown list, complete one of the following steps:
    • Select All Information.
    • Select a type of information to copy; then, in the list of lines and sublines, select the specific information you want to copy.

Note: Policy Types are divided into two sections: Primary Exposures (Property) and Policy Wide (Policy). Each section contains line items and sublines.

  1. In the Into What dropdown list, select where you want to copy the information to.
  2. Select Copy.