Copy supplemental questions

To copy supplemental questions:

  1. Using the Copy Utility, copy the line item with the applicable supplemental question.
  2. Rename the copied line item to something you can easily recognize and remember such as [yourName].
  3. Copy the original line item UUID from the URL.
    Example: 9abef7a3-b991-4454-9e22-dd36b37f23cb
  4. Copy the [yourName] line item UUID.
  5. In the database, navigate to the applicable item_question_groups or item_questions tables.
  6. Filter for itemId using the [yourName] line item.
  7. Change the itemId of the rows to the original itemId to move them from the [yourName] line item to the original line item.
  8. Once you change the itemId, delete the [yourName] line item.