Create a Quoting Template rule

Using the BriteRules Quoting Template to create, configure, and define rules for quoting involves three steps:

  1. Create a rule using the Quoting Template.
  2. Configure the rule.
  3. Define the rule’s trigger(s) and action(s).

Create a rule

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Rules.
  2. On the Projects screen, under Quotes, select the applicable project.
  3. Under Home, navigate to and select the folder you want to create the rule in.
  4. In the folder, select Add Component, and then select Rule.
  5. On the Create rule screen, select the Package dropdown list, and then select the appropriate package.
  6. Under Folder, hover over the Select a folder box, and then, using folder tree, navigate to the appropriate folder.
  7. In the Label box, type the rule’s display name.

Note: As you type the rule’s display name in the Label box, the Name box will autofill. If you want to unlink the Name box from the Label box, select the link icon .

  1. Under Template, in the Type to search box, type Quoting Template, and then select Quoting Template.
  2. Select Create, and then, in the Warning dialog box, select Confirm.

Important: You have successfully created a rule but you need to configure it.