Create a rule

In BriteRules, you can create and deploy rules to automate system decisions, define business concepts, and solve specific use cases.

Example: You can create a rule to send an email notification to an agent when an FNOL is submitted.

With the BriteRules hierarchy, you can easily group rules by product and project:

  • Product
    • Project
      • Rule


  • Claims
    • Claims Notifications
      • Notify an agent on FNOL submission

To create a rule:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Rules or All Products > Rules.
  2. On the Rules screen, in the Projects section, select the applicable project.
  3. On the Project screen, select Add Component, and then select Rule.
  4. On the Create rule screen, complete the following steps:

    Note: By default, the Package is selected based on the package you’re working in.

    1. Under Folder, in the Select a folder dropdown list, navigate to and select the applicable folder.
    2. In the Label box, type a label for the rule.
    3. Select the Name box to auto-populate a name based on the rule’s label.
    4. Under Template, select the Select box, and then select the template that fits your needs.

      Notes: The list of available templates is based on the project. Once you select a template, its information will appear below.

    5. Select Create.
    6. In the Warning dialog box, select Confirm.
  5. On the Rule screen, under the rule’s name, select Edit to add description.
  6. In the Rule General Info dialog box, in the Description box, type the rule’s description, and then select Save.
  7. In the Rule Editor section, use the dropdown menus to complete the required information to configure the rule.
  8. Select Save.

Once you have created a rule, you need to configure the rule.