Create a Rules project

In BriteRules, you can create Rules projects directly in the Rules UI from one of BriteRule’s predefined archetypes (project types).

Note: Archetypes provide the new project with all the setup needed to start creating rules. 

BriteRules has several project types available:

  • Quoting: Rules applied to different phases of the quoting process, including behavioral, validation and underwriting rules.
  • Form Inclusion: Rules used to determine which forms need to be included during the quoting process.
  • Notifications: Rules that send notifications.

Note: Currently, Notifications is functioning for only the claims workflow.

  • Straight Through Processing: Rules used to determine whether a quote is automatically approved or rejected.
  • UI Controls: Rules used to manage access and control of UI elements.
  • Claims Processing: Rules applied to different phases of the claim process.

To create a Rules project:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Rules.
  2. In the Rules menu, select Projects.
  3. On the Projects screen, select the options icon BriteRules options menu icon, and then select + New Project.
  4. On the Create New Project screen, in the Archetype dropdown list, select the type of project you want to create.

Note: Specific project fields will appear based on the project type you select.

  1. Complete the required project fields for the project type you selected.
  2. Select Create

Figure 1: New project form for the Quoting archetype.