Create Rules projects from the UI

Release Date: September 2021

New Rules projects could only be created through an API, which made it difficult to and limited the number of people who have the ability or skill set to create new projects for clients. 

To make this process easier for everyone, we:

  • Added the ability to easily create new projects from the UI.
  • Expanded the types of projects that can be created.


Rules projects can now be created from the UI using predefined archetypes.

Note: Archetypes provide the new project with all the setup needed to start creating rules. 

Available project types

  • Quoting: Rules applied to different phases of the quoting process, including behavioral, validation and underwriting rules.
  • Form Inclusion: Rules used to determine which forms need to be included during the quoting process.
  • Notifications: Rules that send notifications.

Note: Currently, Notifications is functioning for only the claims workflow.

  • Straight Through Processing: Rules used to determine whether a quote is automatically approved or rejected.
  • UI Controls: Rules used to manage access and control of UI elements.
  • Claims Processing: Rules applied to different phases of the claim process.

Supporting documentation

Warning: When a rules project is deleted, all items related to the project are removed. Once a project is deleted, it can’t be reverted. 


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team.