Create a PIN

You can create a four-digit PIN to access your account. This creates a shortcut to log in to the Policyholder portal without using a username and password.

To create a PIN, open the Policyholder portal and:

  1. On the Log In screen, check the checkbox next to Fast login with PIN only next time.
  2. Type your Username or Email Address (depending on your provider settings).
  3. Type your Password.
  4. Select Sign In.  
  5. On the Policyholder portal dashboard, select the Navigation Menu on the top-left corner.
  6. On the Navigation Menu at the top-right of the screen select View Account.
  7. Scroll to Account Settings and select Change Account Settings.
  8. Select Edit PIN.
  9. Type a PIN in the 4-digit PIN box. Check Show to display the PIN as you type.
  10. Select Save.
  11. Select Navigation Menu on the top-right corner, select Log Out.
  12. The Log In screen will now prompt you to log in with a PIN. You can log in with a username by selecting Sign in by username.