Create an account

Once you have enrolled in BriteApps, you can create an account. Your provider determines what displays on the Set Up Account screen.

To verify your personal information, scroll down the Set Up Account screen. Depending on your provider settings, you may be able to view and edit some or all of the information below:

  1. Select a Language: Options currently include English and Spanish.
  2. Type a Username.
  3. Type an Email Address.
  4. Type a Password. A password strength meter will indicate how strong your desired password is. Your provider determines the parameters for the password strength.
  5. Type your password again to Verify Password. 
  6. Type a four-digit PIN in the Enter a 4 digit PIN for quick login box.
  7. Choose a Document Delivery Method: 
    1. Go Paperless: If you select this option, you may see an Acknowledgement dialog box, which will ask you to confirm you will no longer receive paper documents. Select Accept to continue or Decline to change your preference. Some providers don’t require acknowledgment.
    2. Receive Paper Documents
  8.  Review the Terms of Service links and select the checkbox to agree.
  9. Select Create Account.
  10. A Notice pop-up window displays stating A confirmation email has been sent to <your email address>. Select OK. 

Note: Documents will always be available as a download from the app, no matter which document delivery method you choose. You will receive an email when documents are ready to be viewed.

Note: If you entered an email address that doesn’t exist in BriteCore, a dialog box will display giving you an option to add the email address or replace an existing one.

Confirm your email:  Once you receive the confirmation email, confirm it. A confirmed email address is critical to ensuring you receive timely messages.

On you have set up your account, you are now ready to access the Policyholder portal.