Credit Tier Ranks

Feature Summary

Currently, the credit score in the builder is a combined credit score relying on the Multiple Credit Scores setting. Since No Hit and No Score are non-numeric, you can’t use them when combining any of the stored tiers. In such cases, the system would automatically use the default credit score, which is numeric. You can find the default credit score in Vendor settings.

We established logic to differentiate between the No Hit and No Score factors because, in some rating schemes, they use a factor not used on any numeric credit score, which leads to an incorrect rating when using the default score.


We created a ranking to compare non-numeric credit scores against numeric credit scores when combining credit scores using the highest/lowest method. When comparing non-numeric credit scores against numeric credit scores, administrators can save a rank for each credit tier to use a score’s credit tier rank as the comparator.

Important changes:

  • Credit tiers that are left blank or have no rank are assumed to have a rank of 0.
  • Non-numeric scores with a rank of 0 are changed to the default score before comparison.
  • Numeric scores within the same rank are compared as numbers.
  • Non-numeric scores never share a rank with any other score.

Sample scenario

Credit tiers

Table 1: Credit tiers scenario.
Default Credit Score: 600

Credit Scores

Table 2: Credit scores scenario.


To rate the No Hit and No Score (None), you can use the default score level.


To compare the No Hit and No Score (None) against the numeric credit score, you can assign it a ranking.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team. Customer service and support teams can direct their questions to #pd-extensibility-int.

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