BriteAccess: Import/export custom access configurations

Release Date: September 2021

BriteAccess can now import/export custom ACPs and roles/assignments. The Import/Export feature opens a dialog box from which you can export data from that site or import data from another site. The mechanism has both YAML and JSON support for file formats.

Any issues with the import process will be displayed once the import process is complete. Usually, these issues are related to the differences between existing users in different sites, resulting in unsuccessful assignments.

Access control is determined by configuration in BriteAccess. The product comes with a set of System Access Control Permissions (ACP), but you can use custom ACPs to create new permissions. Access role assignment configurations can be customized too. Replicating the access control configuration can be time-consuming, especially if the system is configured with many roles and custom ACPs.

Exporting from an existing site and importing to another allows for faster configuration between sites.

Figure 1 illustrates how to import/export custom configurations.

Figure 1: Import/export custom configurations.