Custom deliverables overview

With custom deliverables, you can create documents that cover use cases not included in the stock deliverables. You can also create a custom deliverable to run in place of a stock deliverable.

There are two ways to create custom deliverables:

  • Built-in template with a Text Area and a Signature area: This generates the same look and feel as the stock deliverables.
  • Built-in HTML/CSS: This allows you to customize the look and feel by using Jinja to customize the template.

Custom deliverables enable: 

  • A consistent look and feel as stock deliverables (if you aren’t using the Built-in HTML/CSS option).
  • The convenience of adding text blocks and signature blocks or choosing to customize further using the Built-in HTML/CSS option.
  • Replacement a stock deliverable with a custom deliverable. If you create a custom deliverable with the same name as an existing stock deliverable, the custom version will be generated rather than the stock version. This allows you to create custom versions of your stock deliverables.
  • Manual generation by users rather than by an automatic trigger built into the system.

With custom deliverables, you can:

  • Name the deliverable.
  • Select the Type of deliverable (Policies or Claims). The options change based on which you select:
    • Policies
      • Print with Initial Declarations
      • Print with Renewal Declarations
    • Claims
      • Send the most recent version of the Declarations page in relation to the loss date of the claim.
  • Select the default print state.
  • Choose if this deliverable has built-in HTML/CSS.
  • Choose if agents/agencies are able to generate the deliverable while logged into BriteQuote (on their own agent portal). If selected, the user will be able to generate the deliverable via the Custom Deliverable button displayed in BriteQuote.