Customize quoting wizards

BriteCore uses quote flows to offer customizable quoting wizards for personal auto lines of business. Work with your implementation team to review all customization options and design your quoting wizard. Below is an overview of the components you can customize.

You can customize the following components of the quoting wizard:

  • Page groups
  • Pages
  • Footer
  • Fields
  • Tooltips
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Buttons

Note: Additional settings can further customize the quoting experience.

Page groups and pages

A page group is a collection of pages that make up a step in the quoting wizard. For example, if Setup is the first step, Setup is a page group and can contain multiple pages.

A page is a substep. You can navigate between pages in a page group using the Continue and Back buttons. You can add fields, lists, tables, and buttons to pages.


The footer can be used for components that you want to appear on every page of the quoting wizard, such as the Continue and Back buttons.


Fields are fully customizable using quote flows. They are organized into risk edits, data field groups, and data fields:

  • A risk edit is a form that contains several data field groups.
  • A data field group can be a collection of data field groups or data fields. A data field group is used to group related fields on the page.
  • A data field is an input element. For example, a box to type the named insured’s name is a data field. Widgets and tooltips enable you to customize how a data field appears on the page.


Tooltips can be added to fields to display additional information.

Figure 1: Tooltip.


A risk list displays a list of boxes (Figure 2). Each box represents a risk. For example, a policy with multiple cars would have an expandable section for each car.

A risk list also includes a button to add additional risks.

Figure 2: Risk list.


A risk table displays the risks in a table, rather than individual boxes. You can also add actions to the table. For example, you could add a delete action to a table with accidents and violations (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Risk table with actions.


There are several buttons that you can add to the quoting wizard. For example, you will want to add the following buttons:

  • Submit Quote
  • Bind Quote
  • Request Document
  • Continue
  • Back

Additional options

There are additional customizations that enable you to control how pages look. For example, you can add text to a page to give agents instructions on submitting quotes. You can also add a horizontal line to divide sections of a page.