Customize a user invitation email

When a user is invited to use BriteAuth, BriteCore sends them an email that includes their username and temporary password. As an administrator, you can customize the email’s subject and body.

Example email:

Subject: Welcome to BriteCore!

Welcome to BriteCore! Your username is [username] and temporary password is [# # # #].

Note: When customizing the email body, don’t omit the [username] and [# # # #] merge fields. In the invitation email sent to the user, BriteCore will merge the information the user needs to log in for the first time to those fields. 

To customize a user invitation email:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Users
  2. In the Users sidebar, select Admin Settings.
  3. Next to Invitation messages, select Edit
  4. In the Email subject template box, type your custom email subject.
  5. In the Email message template box, type your custom email body. 
  6. Select Save.
  7. BriteCore will display a preview of your subject and message.