Damaged Properties overview

Damaged properties can be added and managed within the Damaged Properties screen of a claim file. Damaged properties added during the first notice of loss (FNOL) automatically populate the Damaged Properties screen. The Damaged Properties screen displays a list of damaged properties currently listed on the claim. The Damaged Properties table displays the Damaged Property, Owner, and Description columns. Under Damaged Property, the type of property will be listed along with its current location. The Owner column displays the owner of the damaged property listed. The Description column displays a description of the damage. To add an additional damaged property, you can select the + Add Damaged Property button.

Figure 1: View of the Damaged Properties screen and the Damaged Properties table.


Go to the Damaged Property Details screen to edit damaged property information. The Damaged Property Details screen consists of the Damaged Property Information section.

Figure 2: View of the Damaged Property Details screen.

Actions you can complete from the Damaged Properties screen