Damaged Property Details overview

The Damaged Property Details screen consists of the Damaged Property Information section. On the Damaged Property Details screen, you can view detailed information about the damaged property and edit the damaged property information. 

You can access the Damaged Property Details screen in one of the following ways: 

  • Select the property link from the Damaged Property column in the Damaged Properties table on the Damaged Properties screen. 
  • Select the damaged property link in the Loss/Injury column of the exposure tree on the Exposures screen. 
  • Select the Damaged Property tab from the exposure file of a property damage exposure. 

When you access the Damaged Property Details screen, you can edit the Damaged Property Information; see Edit Damaged Property Information. You can also add or remove the property owner if the owner isn’t already associated with an exposure; see Add and remove parties from the Damaged Properties screen

Figure 1: View of Damaged Property Details screen.