Debug Quickbooks connection issues

If you experience Quickbooks connection issues, you can try the following suggestions.

Web Connector fails to connect

To restart the Web Connector:

  1. Connect to BriteCore shell.
  2. Locate the file in /srv/www/britecore/soap/
  3. CD to the Soap directory.
  4. On both the leader and follower nodes, run sudo supervisorctl restart quickbooks.

Client needs a new username or password

To get a client a new username or password when a row already exists for the QuickBooks Web Connector in the vendor_auth table:

  1. Ask the client to provide a new username or password.
  2. In the vendor_auth table, delete the row for the Quickbooks Web Connector.
  3. In the shell tool, create a new file, and then type the new username or password.

Service fails on a contact

To see if the service is failing on a contact, check to ensure the first Street Address box isn’t blank for any contacts.

Transactions fail to export

To fix transactions failing to export:

  1. Check quickbooks.log.
  2. If you receive a statusMessage=“The name “John Smith” of the list element is already in use”:
    1. Make sure the payment payee is in QuickBooks to process the payment.

      • BriteCore is unaware of the customers, vendors, and employees in Quickbooks.
      • When processing a new transaction, BriteCore pushes to add the Payee name in QuickBooks before processing the transaction.
      • Quickbooks issues the statusMessage error when BriteCore tries to export a Customer, Vendor, or Employee that already exists in QuickBooks.

    2. Add the Customer to the BriteCore database with this insert statement:
      #INSERT INTO qb_contacts VALUES (uuid(), 'whomever the contact is', 'Customer')

Checks fail to pass in Single User Mode

To pass checks to Quickbooks in Single User Mode, restart the Web Connector.