Debug Silvervine errors

There are general Silvervine (Primoris) errors you could experience when applying payments:

Vendor Connection Error: 418 Client Error

This error can occur if the insured has invalid characters (#, &, @) or emojis in their name that conflict with Silvervine’s verification service. Run the payment again without using special characters in the payor’s name.

Vendor Connection Error: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error

This error can indicate that an unknown error occurred when Silvervine attempted to process the transaction. If you continue to receive this error, contact Silvervine.

Address/Zip Not Matched

This is an Address Verification System (AVS) error and means the address or ZIP code entered didn’t match the card issuer’s records. Ensure the address matches the card issuer’s file and then run the payment again.

This Transaction Has Been Declined: Ask Timed Out on [Actor[akka://application/user/$b#-XYZ]] After [10000 ms]

This error has been addressed with the Silvervine version 2 payment code. Ensure the client is on version 2 of the payment code.