Default to application mode on quoting



With the advanced setting default-to-application-mode-on-quoting, users can choose to hide or display the quote/application toggle button that appears in the quote wizard (V2). When this advanced setting is enabled, users will see only the application mode when creating a new quote. Hiding the toggle button and defaulting to application mode allows agents to submit new applications quickly by making the quote wizard more straightforward.


The default-to-application-mode-on-quoting advanced setting requires True and False buttons.

Setting default

By default, the advanced setting is set to False, so the quote/application toggle button appears in the quote wizard (V2). 

Change the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced. In the Search for a Setting box, type default-to-application-mode-on-quoting. Change the setting from False to True. When the setting is set to True, the quote/application toggle button will be hidden, and the quote wizard (V2) will default to the application mode. 


Active applications created in quote mode before this advanced setting is enabled won’t be updated to application mode when default-to-application-mode-on-quoting is set to True