Delete a deliverable from Attachments

When deliverables generate, they appear in Attachments.

With the exception of the Settings module, Attachments screens appear throughout the Provider Administrator portal. Depending on the module, Attachments provides you with the opportunity to manage files for a specific contact, policy, or claim, or to manage files for a module.

In the Agent portal, Attachments appears in the Policies and Claims modules.

To delete a deliverable:

  1. Select Attachments within the module the deliverable generated in; for example, Policies, Claims, etc.
  2. To select a deliverable’s row, select any blank space in the row. Selecting the deliverable name, which is a link, will open the deliverable.
  3. A menu of options appears above the deliverables. There are two ways to delete the deliverable:
    1. Select Delete.
      1. Select Delete Attachment on the Warning dialog box that displays and states Are you sure you want to delete these file(s) and/or folder(s)?
        WARNING: This can’t be undone no matter how horrible the results are.
    2. Select Print State.
      1. Select Void from the Edit Print State dropdown list.
      2. Select OK.

The deliverable will be removed from the Attachments list.