Delete a line item

While configuring BriteCore to fit your business requirements during implementation, you can request to have a BriteCore staff member delete line items on a policy.

Caution: Only BriteCore staff can delete line items. Deleting a line item can have widespread, unintentional, and potentially damaging effects on policy data. If you observe any unexpected results or behavior in BriteCore after a line item is deleted, please contact BriteCore technical support.

To delete a line item:

  1. In the top-right corner of the screen, select your user avatar .
  2. In the dropdown list, select Resources > Support Tools.
  3. In the All Support Tools dropdown list, select Lines.
  4. In the Lines section, select Delete a Line Item.
  5. In the Line Item ID box, type the identifier code of the line item you want to delete, and then select Delete Line Item.

Caution: When the dialog box displaying the IDs of the affected policies appears, don’t proceed if you’re uncertain of the effects of deleting the line item.

  1. If you’re certain you want to delete the line item, select Yes, Delete.