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The developer experience at BriteCore

At BriteCore, we are committed to providing a flexible platform that can work for any variety of insurers either out of the box with configuration or with customization and APIs. The platform has evolved from a simple system geared for small mutual insurers to a configurable, scalable platform capable of supporting complex policies and increased business volume.

BriteCore has three levels of extensibility:

  1. Access your data through APIs.
  2. Introduce functionality to the UI through plugins.
  3. Deploy your own products into the BriteCore platform through product service.

Level 1: API access

Figure 1: Level 1: API access.

We offer more than 1,000 API endpoints out of the box and more than 75 plug-and-play integrated vendor solutions.

The following resources are available to help you explore our APIs:

Level 2: UI plugins

Figure 2: Level 2: UI plugins.

UI plugins allow you to add your own functionality to BriteCore without having to introduce any changes into BriteCore’s codebase.

Example: You can use a plugin if you want to speed up the quoting process by having your agents just fill in a VIN and select a button to fetch the rest of the data.

The following resources are available to help you explore our UI plugins:

Level 3: Event services

Figure 3: Level 3: Event services.

The Event services level allows you to run your products alongside the BriteCore platform using our Events services to communicate with external systems. 

The following resources are available to help you explore further:

At BriteCore, we are committed to championing our client developers and SI partners with the tools and resources you need to build a best-in-class insurance solution for your customers.