Disable editing for the FEIN/SSN field

As insurance contracts are legally binding, it’s important that the entity with an insurable interest is correctly identified throughout the policy lifecycle. The setting disable_fein_ssn_for_active_policy disables the FEIN/SSN, which prevents those values from being changed once a policy is set to active (but not necessarily committed).

To disable FEIN/SSN editing:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Advanced
  3. Search: disable_fein_ssn_for_active_policy
  4. Set to True to disable FEIN/SSN editing

Allow duplicate FEIN/SSN

Risk Clearance is the process of validating that a risk has not already been submitted (or reserved) by another agency. In order to enforce Risk Clearance, BriteCore avoids duplicate quotes by monitoring and rejecting contacts created with a duplicate FEIN/Tax ID. A setting allows users to duplicate FEIN/Tax IDs when set to True, but by default this setting is set to False.

To allow duplicate FEINs/Tax IDs to be created:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search: allow-duplicate-fein
  3. Select True

When this setting is set to False, the message The Federal EIN/Tax ID you entered already exists in the system and cannot be added to a new contact is displayed if a duplicate FEIN/Tax ID is submitted.