Policies options setting: Disable Notes Edit

With the Disable Notes Edit setting, you can establish a time limit for editing a note after it’s created. When the time limit expires, you can no longer edit the notes.

If you want to enable or disable this setting, contact BriteCore customer service to request a change. To view this setting, navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies Options and navigate to Disable Notes Edit. When Disable Notes Edit is enabled, the setting checkbox will be checked and grayed out. The Hours box below the setting will display a number that indicates the time limit in which you can edit a note.

Usage considerations

The Disable Notes Edit setting is directly related to the disable-notes-edit-in advanced setting. When the Disable Notes Edit setting is checked and a number is indicated in the Hours box, the disable-notes-edit-in advanced setting displays the same number in the Setting Value box. When you change the number in the Setting Value box of disable-notes-edit-in, BriteCore automatically updates the number in the Hours box beneath Disable Notes Edit. When you change the number in the Setting Value box of disable-notes-edit-in to 0, BriteCore automatically unchecks the Disable Notes Edit setting.

Note: This setting is global and can not to be configured by policy type.