Dispute claims

With the advanced setting add-loss-disputes, agents can dispute vendor-reported claims on a policy or application.

When the advanced setting add-loss-disputes is set to True, the Add Dispute button will appear next to any vendor reported loss.

Figure 1: The add-loss-disputes advanced setting.


Figure 2: The Loss History section in a policy with the Add Dispute button next to a vendor-reported loss.


When a user selects the Add Dispute button, a dialog box will open and the user can type the reason for disputing the vendor reported loss.

When a claim is disputed, it won’t count as an active claim, and it won’t affect the Claim Free Discount. When a dispute is added to a claim, the agent or BriteCore client can delete the dispute.

If a dispute is deleted, the claim will become active and will affect the Claim Free Discount.

This update is available to clients on BriteCore’s Master branch.